Award winning Projects



of the world’s population does not have access to drinking water *

5 / min

For this same reason, 5 people per minute die in the world *


From 1000 to unlimited liters per day



A stand-alone solution
The UAE is a element ESSENTIAL to life .

A modern solution

The intelligence of this patented system lies in its energy compression . This is obtained by its design and by the extreme optimization of the functional components (condenser, chiller, regulator, etc.) that make up our units.


Award Winning Projects

Concerned about the environmental cause, our units are able to operate on different energy sources in order to be able to be installed anywhere in the world and to produce abundant water in an autonomous and ecological way .

Every person count

How is Aquatethys helping?

Water stress

The scarcity of water in the world leads to famine, poor irrigation of crops and soils, impact on fauna and flora, health risks, etc.

Global warming

We can speak of water as blue gold, in the face of a growing shortage all over the world.


The main sources of fresh water are overexploited by dams, boreholes, massive abstraction and pumping, with dramatic consequences.

Fundamental right

Recognized as a fundamental right by the UN, access to drinking water is however not guaranteed and has serious consequences for the affected populations.