We offer standard machines that make 1, 3, 5 and 10,000 litres per day solutions. We can even make machines that create 100,000 litres a day, so the sky is the limit.

Yes – we can also offer our clients smaller devices. Our R & D team is exceptional in creating new solutions and will take all our clients’ requests into consideration with new units.

You can store 500 liters of water in the standard container. Upon request, we can integrate a tank that can hold 40,000 litres of water for our bigger machines, depending on your needs.

The water will always be 100 % clean when it comes out of the machine – our special filters make sure of that. If the water needs to be stored for a longer period, we use our own solution “Activated Water”, which will prevent it from getting  infected in any way.

We have partners to provide every type of machinery that is needed to satisfy our clients’ requirements – we offer a 360-degree solution.

Our online tracking system keeps monitoring the water quality, so we are sure that it s always the same fresh water that comes out at all times. In the rare case of problems, we will know immediately and can shut down production remotely, if necessary.

The machine is fully automated and the only thing that needs to be changed periodically is the filter: in most situations, it only needs to be replaced once a year depending on the level of pollution in the air at the unit’s location.

For all units delivered in a self-contained container, installation is simply ‘plug and play’. Clean drinking water will start to be produced one minute after the unit is connected to your chosen source of energy and switched on.

The life expectancy of our solution is 20-25 years. However, since the world keeps evolving, so will our machines. As a result, we may offer new and improved parts for some modules during their lifetime – these can be incorporated in the unit to replace the original part during the lifetime of each unit.

We give our clients different options:

1) We get our certified technicians to travel to your production facility.

2) Due to our online system, it s easy for us to find the fault and instruct your technicians who will have been trained by our crew. We can often diagnose a problem before it occurs, which enables us to fix it before it affects or interrupts production.

3) We have certified technicians around the world who are qualified to solve any problem.

It s like car insurance – we will provide comprehensive safety cover provided the damage is not the client’s fault. We take steps to educate your local crew, so a mistake will be very hard to create, especially sincethe system is simple and easy to understand.

Our normal options are Gas, Fuel, electricity, and solar panels. We can use other energy sources such as e-methanol.

We are a very flexible company and understand that thesituation can be unique to every client. Red Cross in Denmark asked for a solution with these requirements:

1) 5.000 liter a day

2) Small units that can be put together to create the machine.

3) Max weight of 200 kg per module.

4) To put on planes and easy to handle when they arrive at the destination. And we got back to them 2 weeks later with a solution.

Yes, that is possible – we can install the machine in your set-up exactly as you want it.

We see a lot of clients with this question. We can control the humidity in the production facility so that the conditions are perfect for the employees to work in. In addition, we use the humidity inside to make drinking water out of it: a win-win outcome.

Problems solved inside a production facility with our approach include:

1) Good working environment for the crew;

2) Production of more water by using the inside air and humidity.

3) Keeping the humidity at a normal level prevents the growth of mold and other fungi.

We don’t make generators, but we have selected suitable partners to supply your needs. If you need help to source compatible generators, we will help you get the best spec at the right price from one of our partners without a mark-up.

We offer our clients the container solution because there are many areas of the world where it needs to be transported and easy to move around. Some clients need the system incorporated into an existing setup, so here we discard the container and install it as part of a larger unit.

From getting your order to delivery is normally 2 months: this will change a little every month, so this is something we will advise when discussing your order.

Our online tracking system makes it possible for our clients to follow the production unit 24/7 basis from anywhere in the world using an iPhone or laptop.

Our machines usually arrive self-contained inside a container, so there is only one way in and one way out. There are no parts outside the container, so if you make sure to lock the doors, it s as safe as your home. Units are delivered with 12 months’ insurance cover, which can be extended or amended on expiry – there are various packages available.

When we agree on the final solution you need, we take a 50 % down payment before creating your unit: the balance of 50 % will be payable when the order is shipped.