The Global climate change demands instant action in the reduction of co2 emissions. Changing from fossil energy sources to renewable energy is one of most effective ways to reach our common goal for the planet.
Alpha-E’s patented solar panel solution supports your company in reaching  Co2 neutral in a fast and cost beneficial way.


The electrical consumption and production capacities of our generators are given under the following conditions: 27 ° C and 60% humidity .

For more flexibility and serenity, our technology allows to mix several possible energy sources on the same production.

Our productions are laboratory tested and their performance certified. Our water condensation system is patented and unique in the world On consultation, we can produce fixed-station industrial units with water production volumes exceeding 50,000L .  Our water productions are economical and ecological , they emit no polluting waste.


Climate change and other environmental challenges must inspire foresters to search for new solutions and methodologies. In the last few decades, whilst also maintaining our highly successful ornamental and conifer trade, our focus has shifted to the research and development of new fast growth varieties and their practical implementation. Our activities within forestry mainly focus on industrial wood production and biomass plantations, the production of the related propagation material as well as the technical and technological developments which go along with it. A great number of our research and developments projects have shown remarkable results in these areas.

When it comes to Black Locust propagation, based on the 30-year research work of Dr. Imre Kapusi, we have succeeded in selecting new varieties with outstanding growth and form characteristics.

Our White Willow varieties have also proven to be a success in both Hungary and abroad.

In addition to eucalyptus, poplar, bamboo, teak and willow, black locust must also be included in wood production plantations. In order to achieve this, we have already established the necessary new varieties which are suitable for renewing our cultivation technologies.

Through the establishment of such industrial plantations and increasing the supply of biomass, Silvanus Group can greatly contribute to reducing the adverse effects of climate change.