Our solution

The UAE is a element ESSENTIAL to life .

A modern solution

The intelligence of this patented system lies in its energy compression . This is obtained by its design and by the extreme optimization of the functional components (condenser, chiller, regulator, etc.) that make up our units.

An economical solution

Energy consumption varies between 30 and 100W . It is 50 W under the conditions: 25 ° C and 70% hygrometry per liter, a considerable difference from the usual standards.

An environmentally friendly solution

Our technology uses different energy sources: solar, gas or electric , thus having a low environmental impact .



Air reserves are inexhaustible, renewable and ubiquitous


100% ecological, it does not pollute or degrade natural resources


It produces pure and drinkable natural water, little chemically charged


It is autonomous, compact and water can be consumed at the place of production


It is easily and economically compatible with any chemical treatment and mineral additions



Individual or collective dwellings , hospitals, schools, hotels ...

Isolated areas

For isolated areas where running water is not available, islands, military camps, irrigation ...


Equip and supply a camp for disaster victims, refugees, ...

Emergency situation

Equip a camp in just a few hours when faced with an emergency situation such as fire or natural disaster.

Industrial needs

For textile factories, mining and other industries consuming large water resources

Strategic water reserves

To maintain the levels of reservoirs, water towers or dams