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We are proud to introduce
Aqauthethys, our Atmospheric Water Generators capable of producing up to 10,000 liters of water a day* with the option of 4 different energy sources to choose from. We would like to include 3 new innovative solutions in order to accommodate different scenarios, needs and budgets. This catalog contains information on these new solutions.

*production capabilities can be augmented/customized

Capability and usage

Our engineers have significant field experience and so research and development flows in to the optimization and placement of our AWG’s throughout the globe. Therefore, specific attention is placed on water demands and on the potential production site or location where the water is needed. Being able to adapt, change and improvise where necessary is crucial to getting water delivered to areas that can become a logistical challenge.

Simplicity, reliability and robustness are key words that invoke the nature of Aquathethys. No matter how far or how difficult a project can be, we expect the performance of Aquathethys to remain constant and accessible.

E1P - Pickup truck

Is installed on the flatbed of a simple pick-up truck. It can deliver water to villages or small communities, schools, hospitals and so forth. From one location to another, Aquathethy’s E1P produces and delivers wherever the need is urgent

E1 – Container

For small villages or communities where drinking water is limited and or polluted. This solution is transportable yet can be placed in a situation where distribution pipes and canals can be added in order to spread out the capture i.e. different neighborhoods or areas of a commune.

E1T - Trailer

Is the perfect solution for sites that are on the go, under transformation or construction such as in mining, agriculture or in trouble because of sudden impacts due to climatic adversities. It can be highly useful in providing water to wondering livestock and other animals.



It is our solution to face emergencies when the access roads are passable, this vehicle has been thought as an intervention and first aid vehicle,

Always ready, it can leave instantly and will need only about twenty minutes once arrived at its destination to start producing fresh drinking water.

Other users use it as a refueller that supplies water storage tanks from village to village where access by tanker is complicated. It is also ideal for making potable water accessible for all sort of events and crowd gatherings.

E1 – Container


This container has the same philosophy as our range of standard generators, the material intended to produce water is integrated in a maritime container, this a small handicap because this unit even if it is mobile is heavy and cumbersome

But as some of our customers who use this equipment in extreme situations say, it is concrete and indestructible. During our tests, all our containers undergo drop tests and lateral and frontal shocks of 28000 Newton.The specialists will appreciate

E1T - Trailer


The trailer is a condensed version of what the first two solutions can offer

It is mobile and ready to leave for an intervention at any time, but it can be put down from village to village for a longer period thanks to its hydraulic jacks.

It also has other functions because it can be autonomous while being mobile according to the energy options which will be retained, integrated oil or gas generator or photovoltaic solar panels